Beauty Impressions - LA Skin Vlamorous scam

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I sent for a free sample of Vlamorous skin cream paying only $3.95 shipping. The sample that arrived was a full sized container of the cream.

I decided to do some research to make sure there was no trick involved in my sample offer. I discovered a negative review stating that another person who sent for a sample was charged for the full price $97.83 of the product because she didn't cancel in enough time. I immediately called the customer service number supplied to cancel my "subscription" (didn't know I had subscribed). That number is 1-844-844-0167.

After the agent trying to get me to keep the product longer I finally got him to tell me how to cancel.

I have to mail the product back to be cancelled and avoid being charged $97 .83. Thanks to the reviewer who alerted me to the scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aquavo Skin Cream Free Trial.

Reason of review: Tricked into paying full price.



Yes this happened to my mother just recently. They're targeting the elderly who don't know to cancel it immediately.

I've asked them to cancel it immediately & told them I was reporting them as a scam.

Got a cancellation confirmation number. Credit card used has been cancelled.


This is totally true. This happened to me but I didn't catch it in time.

They took $300 before I realized what was going on.

Don't fall prey to this. They wouldn't let me return it either.


I had the same experience, they say they will give me a credit. Hope I can get my money back and not lose on this scam.

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